Terms and Conditions




  • All PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL passengers are automatically covered by our Civil Liability Insurance up to 50,000€ and Personal Accidents by Event.
  • PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL shall not be liable for any loss or expense arising from loss of ownership, cancellation or reduction of any excursion, regardless of the cause, directly or indirectly. If due to illness or accident any excursion / tour is interrupted, PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL shall not be responsible for any cost or expenditure.
  • PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL Provides NEXX helmets (homologated by the CE) and for hygiene reasons, a disposable cap sterilised for each client. Our helmets are kept in perfect condition, cleaned and disinfected after each ride. Protective jacket and gloves – required.


  • Aware that this is an outside activity and that it is dependent on the climate conditions.
  • If there is climate change at the exact moment the tour starts / (eg at the pick-up location), Customers can:

1. Choose to do the tour / ride at a later date agreed by PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL and the Client, without payment of the rescheduling amount.

2. Choose to make the planned excursion / trek with the wet rain gear provided by PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL.

3. Choose to accept a refund minus a 35% termination fee.

  • After the Client has agreed to start the tour / tour at PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL will not have any financial obligation to the Client if the weather changes.
  • The tour / rented bike tour, accompanied by a guide includes the unlimited kilometers of the ride, use of all the equipment of (motorcycle bag, closed helmet, jacket and gloves). The rented motorcycle is (one passenger in the rear seat), covers the fuel consumption.