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Explore and discover the beauty of the Algarve though the most “off the beaten track” roads, perfect for a motorcycle ride. Use our Ducati Scramblers 800 or bring yours, either way the ride will be unforgettable.



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Thoughtful personalised tours; planned according to your request, your wish. Discover the Algarve, by whatever route you want, tell us what you want to see and we will plan an unforgettable route for you, whether to discover a city, a place or just enjoy our roads at the helm of a Ducati Scrambler 800. Contact us and #Let’s Ride.



  • The prices include protection equipment (helmet, jacket, gloves), except if you choose to use your own motorcycle.
  • The customers must arrive 30 mins before the tour, so they can be briefed.
  • If customers require pick-up service, it is possible by paying an additional fee of 20€ to cover travel expenses to and from the hotel.
  • The duration of the tours do not include travel to and from the hotel.
  • Entrance fees, meals, sporadic snacks not included in the itineraries presented (Museum entrance fees are optional).
  • 200€ deposit fee prior to departure (in cash). The Deposit will be returned after the tour, if everything goes accordingly.