24 Jun 2019

Reservations and Cancellations

24 Jun 2019




The prices charged by PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL LDA are calculated and submitted to the client at the time of booking the tour / Motorcycle Tour rented, accompanied by a guide and include the kilometers of the tour, use of equipment (motorcycle bag, closed helmet, jacket and gloves). The rental of the rented motorcycle is from (one passenger in the rear seat).

The rental price also includes the mandatory liability insurance of 50,000€ and personal accidents of 22,132.72€, under the terms of the law.
These coverages are guaranteed and assumed by the insurer with which PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL LDA, or, if applicable, the owner of the vehicle, has signed its insurance policy and is subject to the provisions of law and its insurance contract.
By signing the Rental Agreement, the Lessee agrees to be bound by said policy. This policy does not cover any damage, loss or any other loss suffered in the luggage, merchandise, or personal effects carried in the vehicle (motorcycle), nor the loss or damage, total or partial, of the vehicle due to theft, vandalism or road accident.

The maximum rental period is one day (24 hours).

The client must be 25 years of age, valid driving license in Portugal, there is more than a year.
Only driving licenses valid in Portugal shall be considered as following:

  • Issued in accordance with Portuguese legislation;
  • Issued by the Member States of the European Union in accordance with Community rules;
  • P Issued by other countries or international character that are recognised as valid, in order to enable them to be Portugal.

Such authorisations must be in force and must be three years from the date of issue. The presentation will be of the aforementioned documentation at the time of signing the contract to PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL LDA.

The customer is responsible for ensuring that he has a valid driving license to drive the vehicle that is proposed to rent. Driving license and driving license citizen / identity or passport must be presented by the client.
During the rental period, the customer is responsible for all fines and road code violations or other violations of the law. A PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL LDA will charge the Client (renter) the value of the fines or sanctions corresponding to the denunciation of any infraction to the legislation of in force, in particular with regard to the Road Code and the laws of the road safety.

The PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL LDA is responsible for informing the identity of the passenger and the passenger carried in the rear seat, or to give other information to the Portuguese authorities whenever requested.

It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the motorcycle and rented equipment:

a) Be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and indications by the guide.(Briefing);
b) It will be used in full respect of the Road Codes of our country;
c) Will not be used in a negligent way;
d) It shall not carry more passengers than its approved capacity permits;
e) Will not be used outside the route indicated by the guide;
f) It will not carry more weight than that allowed by its homologation;
g) It will not be conducted by anyone other than the Client declared as driver of the vehicle in the rental contract, provision of the service;
h) It shall not be used if its mechanical condition is considered to be unsafe or manifest anomalies, the client must stop and inform the guide;
i) It will not be used after consumption of drugs or alcohol or other narcotic substances;
j) Will not be used when the customer’s physical condition is weakened fatigue or illness, and it is the responsibility of the client to inform the any problem or change in your physical condition;

Failure to comply with any of the preceding paragraphs implies the cancellation immediate insurance policy making the customer fully liable for the total amount of the bike and accessories while new.

2. The tours of the PAU WOW Motorcycle Rides, in Algarve do not include meals, drinks or tasting, excluding personal expenses and entrance fees in any area (sports, culture, etc.).

3. Conditions for custom tours PAU WOW Motorcycle Rides, in Algarve available on request.

4. Conditions for ride / Tour of Ducati Scrambler 800, with PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL LDA available upon request / bookmarking on the website or by e-mail: pauwowmotorcyclerides@gmail.com;

Advance reservations are guaranteed by a 60% deposit based on in the total amount of your reservation – payable by bank transfer, up to 4 days of the scheduled date (reservations close to the date of transfer will have to be 80%, the day before the tour), to the account whose IBAN is indicated:

IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 4646 5960 0016 5
Account holder: PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL LDA

After the transfer is made, the proof must be sent to the e-mail: pauwowmotorcyclerides@gmail.com, as soon as the (BOOKING IS MADE) we will send by e-mail with pdf of the tour as well as confirmation of the date and time of your reservation.

The Ducati Scrambler 800 tour / tour reservations can be modified, depending on availability, upon payment of 30€ for each order modification.

The remainder of the amount will be paid on the day of the ride in cash / deposit or bank transfer, before departure and at the time of signature of the document Terms and Responsibility / General Conditions

The client, is obligated to pay a 200€ (two hundred euros) deposit per motorcycle to PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL LDA, to cover any damage caused to the Lessor, or that has given cause. For this the value must be delivered in cash. This value will be returned immediately after evaluation of the company where the existence of damage, loss or reason to deduct values ​​from the given deposit.

The client must show the indicated time at the meeting place in order to complete the procedures for payment, guarantee, reading and signature of the Terms and Responsibility Document as well as for “briefing” the travel and delivery of equipment (helmet, coat and gloves).
Customers who arrange a pick-up service, for an additional fee of 20€ to cover travel expenses up to and including return to the hotel must appear at the time indicated at the hotel entrance.


You can cancel your Ducati Scrambler 800 tour / tour reservation, up to 4 days prior to the date of the reserved tour with PAU WOW – UNIPESSOAL LDA and you will receive the total amount paid. Otherwise, the reservation deposit will not be refundable. This cancellation must be communicated in writing and of e-mail. Otherwise, the reservation deposit is non-refundable.
In case of adverse weather conditions you can cancel the tour on the same day and receive a full refund.


The customer can reschedule his tour, subject to availability of the guide as well as the bike / equipment to be rented on the new dates and payment of a re-scheduling amount. The value is 30€ per rescheduling.

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